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CKGSB Research Projects
Project 1: Singapore’s State Owned Enterprises
This research will look at state owned enterprises in Singapore, and the lessons that China can learn? -Prof Liu Jing
Project 2: Social Networking’s Influence on Investor Behavior
Psychological biases and social networking’s influence on individual investor’s trading behavior and individual investor’s behavior in China’s financial market. -Dongyan Ye
Project 3: A New Theoretical Framework for Sustainable Companies
This research will explore a new theoretical framework for companies to become more sustainable by spontaneously achieving economically and socially desirable goals. A series of case studies on various companies, social enterprises and non-profit organizations will be conducted in Asia. -Prof Juliet Zhu
Project 4: The Cost of Financial Intermediation
This research focuses on the measurement of the output of finance for both advanced and emerging economies and seeks to advance the understanding of the drivers behind the cost of financial intermediation and its implication on economic development. -Gang Zhang
Project 5: “One Belt, One Road” Investment Project in the ASEAN Region
By studying the benefits of investment projects, the impact on the host country, and the potential risks, this study will provide a useful reference for the research and future development of the “Belt and Road” initiative. -Zhu Yunhai
Project 6: Data Science and Machine Learning in Asia
This research initiative will support two projects: (i) textual analysis and financial economic data; and (ii) factor modeling with unknown factors and time-varying factor exposures. These research initiatives will contribute to Asian business research because data science and machine learning methods are now becoming a competitive edge for businesses in this information hungry age. –Raymond C. W. Leung
SMU Research Projects
Project 1: ASEAN Business Research Initiative
Project 2: Women Innovator
The objective of this project is to write a case study and the accompanying teaching notes about challenges and opportunities women innovators face.-Roy CHUA (Principal Investigator) & JIN Mengzi (PhD Student)
Project 3: Commercializing the Malaria Cure with Chinese Solutions
Project 4: Closing the Gender Gap in Entrepreneurial Funding in Asia
-Roy CHUA (Principal Investigator) & LANG Tingting (PhD Student)
Project 5: Kweichow Moutai Co.
A case study on one of China’s most well-known luxury products – the baijiu liquor manufactured, Kweichow Moutai Co.-Dr. Srinivas K REDDY & Dr. Havovi Joshi
Project 6: Primary and Secondary Equity Offerings of ASEAN Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
-Prof Francis Koh & Karen Gan
Project 7: Political Ideology and Economic Activities: Evidence from China
-Rong WANG, Hao LIANG, Haikun ZHU
CKGSB Research Projects
Project 1: A Study of the ASEAN Network
This study seeks to examine how ASEAN countries are linked with each other, and with other big players such as China, the US and Australia.
-Prof Liu Jing
Project 2: China and the Trade War
This research will examine the effects on China from the US-China trade war and possible setbacks in its economic development.
-Prof Ou-Yang Hui
Project 3: The Innovation Interdependence and Decoupling between China and the U.S.
-Mei Danqing
Project 4: Investor Stock Trading Behavior under Stressful Market Conditions
-Song Zhongzhi
Project 5: The Cultural Identity of ASEAN with a Perspective of Dialogical Civilization
-Wang Jianbao
Project 6: Intellectual Property Rights, Corporate Giants, and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from the Establishments of Specialized IP Courts in China
-Jin Zhao
Project 7: A Dynamic Pandemic Model Evaluating Reopening Strategies Amid COVID-19
Revealed preference and rational labor market choice related to the COVID-19 pandemic & A dynamic pandemic model evaluating reopening strategies amid COVID-19
-Zhong Ling




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